1. This contract is to ship and clear to Lagos office only, so you are required to pick up your items within 24 hours after contacted. We are not responsible for anything beyond 24 hrs.
    2. Shipment not picked up within 2 weeks will be consider as abandoned. Therefore, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage and $5 fee a day will be charged from day one till the item is shipped or removed.
    3. Payments must be made before shipping, and Lagos Storage fee will be =N1000 a day.
    4. We will not be responsible for custom hold or seizure of any item or items no matter the reason.
    5. I certify that this cargo does not contain perfume, flammable, explosive and other destructive item. Also, I have been provided with the privacy act and agree to it.
    6. There must be a packing list or an invoice in the box or handed over to KTG Shipping Int’l before any shipment ELSE, you cannot make any claim.
    7. Check content of your box (with the packing list only) before you leave the office in Lagos.
    8. Failure to check your items at the office, or if you request for items to be shipped to another location, will exclude KTG Shipping Int’l and Lagos Company from any liability.
    9. All fragile items must be properly packed against breakage by the owner and pick-up insurance. Else we are not responsible for any DAMAGE.
    10. KTG Shipping International limit of liability is 0.40 per lb., and up to a maximum of $400.00 (Four Hundred dollars) per shipment. Customer need to pick up insurance for value of any shipment in excess of $400.00 which can be purchase from Airline for air cargo. (Need to show receipt)
    11. I agree to be bound by this contract now and in the future.
    12. I consent to the inspection and screening of this cargo by KTG Shipping Int’l in relevance to TSA regulations

    Office hours in Nigeria: 9:00am to 5pm *please call for appointment

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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